PowerPlay Sim Rigs

Get in the Driver's Seat

Base Platform - $999

Sim Rig and Personal workstation, for those who have to work, but love to sim!

Seat height, pedal platform, work table and wheel base fully adjustable without tools. Includes side shifter mount and table surface.

Steering wheel, shifter and pedal platforms pre-drilled for all common racing and flight components from Logitech, Thrustmaster and more. Easily customizable to suit other equipment.

Pre-finished Baltic birch construction ensures rigidity and protects the panels from beverages, spills and regular use. No need to finish coat or finish.

Includes mounting feet, all assembly and adjustment hardware for mounting of common pedals, shifters, wheels and seats.

Sold as flat pack kit with CNC machined parts and all assembly hardware. Kit can be assembled in a few hours with basic hand tools.

Optional castors shown

Quad monitor mount - standard - $299

Monitor Mount for Workstation/Rim Rig. Mount triple monitors and 4th monitor above! Height adjustable as an assembly, keeping your setup fixed while allowing height adjustment.

Includes all assembly and mounting hardware, including 3mm VESA mount screws for 4 monitors.

4th monitor arm can also be mounted to workstation/ Sim Rig body, below triple monitor mount, for underslung flight sim or race.

Quad monitor mount - w balance and assist - $479

Easily and safely adjust the height of all of your monitors in seconds!

Deluxe monitor mount for 4 monitors, with twin gas shocks to support weight of larger monitors. Also includes geared cross shaft with hand operated handle to assist in raising and lowering all monitors on the workstation/rig.

Supports large triples, or 49" ultrawide with sides and top monitors.

Specify monitors used for correct gas shock and component selection.

Optional Sim racing seats







The seat base can accommodate virtually any seat but is designed for direct install of select GT Omega seats (optional). We carry some seats, but check with us for seat availability.